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Sinners and Saints We here at The Bearded Presbyterian have a firm belief in the Sacrament of paedobaptism. We both come from baptist backgrounds, and have made our way to confessional, reformed truth. So here is a link to the … Continue reading

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Using the Catechism for Discipline.

When I decided to start this blog, I figured that for the most part I’d just be posting parts of research papers and other seminary assignments. However, it has become clear to me that such posts would only interest a … Continue reading

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Where Is God Now? A Short Response In Two Parts (Part 2)

“I left because I couldn’t swallow a God who would allow me to suffer, and condone such suffering in the world around me.” These words came from a friend of mine during a conversation on theodicy (the unbelief in God … Continue reading

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A Confessional Statement Concerning Covenant Theology Versus Dispensationalism

The following is part of an assignment that I submitted to Dr. Gerald Bilkes for his OT 142 class. Dr. Bilkes is easily the least known of the PRTS faculty, as he is the only one without a blog. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Free Berkhof Get Berkhof’s Systematic Theology for free.

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