Q: Who are you?

A: We are two Presbyterian seminary students who love God, the church, and studying the Scriptures.

Q: Do you hate baptists?

A: Not at all. We love our baptist brothers and sisters very much, and we have learned much from them over the years. We were both raised baptist, and are very thankful that our parents raised us in the church. However, as we have both come to the conclusion that paedobaptism and the Presbyterian form of church government are biblical, we believe that baptists err on these points. Because they do err here, they cannot have a consistent covenant theology. We welcome baptists and all non-Presbyterians to this blog without hesitation.

Q: What about “reformed baptists”?

A: Same answer as above. We have learned much from our particular baptist friends, but we believe that they err concerning baptism and church government. (Note: while the title “reformed baptist” is thrown around alot these days, we do not believe that one can be consistently reformed and baptist. Therefore, on this blog, those who call themselves such will be referred to as “particular baptists”. This is not to insult them in any way, but to call them what they have historically been know as.)

Q: So, is this a ministry?

A: No. We would not refer to TBP as a ministry in any way, as we feel that properly speaking, ministries are done under the oversight of the church. We are just two Presbyterian seminary students who enjoy discussing systematic theology, and other relevant issues facing Presbyterian Christians today. We are a resource, in that we will post blogs concerning exegesis and theology that may be helpful to you (and we hope it is!), and in our podcasts discuss these things.

Q: Do you guys agree on everything?

A: No. But we agree on most things. This being the case, you may run into posts that disagree with each other on this blog. If you do notice such a thing, be sure to check and see who wrote the posts in question.

Q: So… what’s with the beard thing?

A: We both happen to have great beards, it’s really that simple. I could go on here about why having a beard is great, but there are other websites out there devoted to beard propaganda. Suffice to say that we love beards. And we’re not hipsters.

Q: Can I interact here, even if I’m a baptist?

A: Sure. We hope to get some interaction. All we ask is that you be respectful and honoring to God whether you agree with us or not.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: On the contact page, or at thebeardedpresbyterian@gmail.com


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